They say every face in a crowd has a story to tell, this is my story..

The news shows and newspapers all called it 'Road Rage'. To me that sounded like a disease, an affliction that can make you kill. A sorry excuse to take the claw end of a hammer and slam it repeatedly into the skull of a human being. In April of 1999 my little brother passed away. Doesn't passed away sound so gentle, even normal? David's death was neither. It was murder. He was found lying in a strangers driveway in a pool of blood. He had been punched, stomped and beaten over his entire body. I still have so many questions. I wrote this book at first for therapy and then for answers. I have found a few. I mainly realized l lost a brother tragically and senselessly. Like every other face in the crowd I have a story..and I want to share my story with you! PUBLICATION DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED LATE SUMMER/EARLY FALL :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome to the world..

On June 1, 2010 at 4:28 pm my 11th grand child was born! Another addition to our baby parade. I have not held her yet; she wasn't warm enough. I am hoping to go see her in a little bit and snuggle her for a long time.
Thank you everyone for your prayers and good thoughts, they worked as she weighs 5lbs 11oz. and is healthy. She is also very loud; good lungs.
My daughter Jillian is a bit sore from the c-section but will hopefully be feeling much better in a few days. I'd like to snuggle with her too but I better not!
I don't know how to put pictures in posts so if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page you can take a peek at Peyton Elizabeth!


  1. Peyton Elizabeth...She is beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!

    Reading about your brother...Oh! My God! I am sorry...How horrible!

  2. Congratulations Doreen!
    She's a BEAUTY!
    And she looks so much bigger than 5lbs 11oz!
    She's a picture of health!
    When you get a chance, once you've laid that precious grandchild down a moment, go to this link: it's my latest blog post. I gave you a most well-deserved award.
    God bless, my friend!

  3. Thank you Lisa! David is smiling down on his new niece!
    Thank you Cleo; an award, awesome and thank you!

  4. Congratulations! And what a beautiful name!

  5. Congratulations!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following you!

    -Jessica a.k.a Nya's mom