They say every face in a crowd has a story to tell, this is my story..

The news shows and newspapers all called it 'Road Rage'. To me that sounded like a disease, an affliction that can make you kill. A sorry excuse to take the claw end of a hammer and slam it repeatedly into the skull of a human being. In April of 1999 my little brother passed away. Doesn't passed away sound so gentle, even normal? David's death was neither. It was murder. He was found lying in a strangers driveway in a pool of blood. He had been punched, stomped and beaten over his entire body. I still have so many questions. I wrote this book at first for therapy and then for answers. I have found a few. I mainly realized l lost a brother tragically and senselessly. Like every other face in the crowd I have a story..and I want to share my story with you! PUBLICATION DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED LATE SUMMER/EARLY FALL :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday Fragments:

Well I have no idea where this week went but here we are at Friday again. Thank you to Mrs. 4444 for hosting the 105th Friday Fragments. Scroll down and you will find the link to Half Past Kissing Time so you can join us.
I like Friday's now because I used to work weekends and now I don't. Sort of makes me feel normal to be home on a Saturday and Sunday.
I do have great news; Michael was moved to another hospital; he was in a trauma center and now he is in a hospital that specializes in rehab. He was doing great for 2 days, he even stood up and he can have water and juice and a little jello. He still cannot talk because of the respirator and we thought that would come out today but he got a fever again. They hooked him up on antibiotics right away and are pretty sure it is just what is left of the pneumonia. He is able to write a bit and that is so much less frustrating than trying to read his lips.
Dominic is doing better. He still has a lot of pain; but he is healing. The summer camp had planned to take the kids to the zoo on Tuesday and the counselors came over to my daughter's house and asked if they could take Dom. She says she knows it was just a freak accident and her son nearly lost his foot but he wanted to go so she said yes. They surprised him with an electric wheel chair and when he got home declared the crutches just were not working and he needed an electric chair. We all got a kick out of that but their house is just too small, he would only be able to ride in circles.
Since the 2 accidents I have not done much writing. I am so behind. I haven't done much of anything. My house is a disaster. I can only take that for so long and then I will start cleaning like crazy. I feel one of those days coming on. I need a whole day to clean and then a whole day to write. I still have sand in my car from our vacation in June..yuk!
I received another award this week and I am very appreciative to Ciss B. from Journaling my life away.
I got an idea when I read Brandy's post from Happily Blended. It was a post about getting ready to go back to school. (It really freaks me out to even be talking about school already). Anyway; I always get my grand kids their book bags and I fill them with stuff they may or may not need. Well I think I am going to give them all note cards, pens and stamps and tell them I want them to mail me a note once a week for the whole school year. Kind of a Friday Fragments for kids. I love getting texts from the 4 year old and e-mails from the others but I really do not think they teach kids how to write letters anymore. I will let you all know how the little project goes.
Baby Peyton Elizabeth will be 2 month's old on the 1st. She is still really tiny. My daughter Jillian has been working on her room and I am planning to go see them on Sunday and of course will bring a few more things for the nursery.
I have been enjoying meeting a lot of people from Over 40 Bloggers Friday Follow and if you fit into that category you may want to scroll down and find their link too!
So how many of you watched our President on 'The View'? Just curious..


  1. Happy Friday!! Stopping by to say Hi!.

    If I'm your newest follower? Yes, I am.

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    Have a nice day.

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  2. Take the time to enjoy the weekend. Is it a long weekend for the States too? Rest, relax and have fun.

    Marnie xx

  3. LOVE your stuffed-book-bag idea! What a great gift.

    Continuing to pray for Micheal. XO!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and following. I am now following you and looking forward to exploring your blog.

  5. I am glad to hear the guys are doing better.
    I am now following you through
    Follow Friday 40+!!
    Peggy Gorman

  6. Hi Doreen, so nice to meet you, you have a great blog and looking forward to exploring it more..I just became a follower..

    Have a great weekend!


  7. Hi. Seems like things are going better. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Just stopping by to say hello..... Glad things are getting better......

  9. I am so glad the boys are doing better.

  10. You are correct in saying everyone has a story. I am sorry that yours is so sad. It seems though, that with the pen you can find justice.
    As for the grand-kids, I think the idea of showing them how to write letters again is great. I am actually on a blog site that advocates letter writing. I will see if I can find the link for you.
    I am now following you. Thanks for coming by a couple of weeks ago, somehow, I missed your comments and just found them today. sigh...
    Peace....Naila Moon

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sounds like you are and have been dealing with a lot. I look forward to reading more from you!

  12. Oh my, you've been through so much. I hope your stepson heals quickly. It is such a long process. I had an aunt who was in a terrible hit and run accident and this sounds very similar. She too had to relearn everything.
    Thank you for stopping by,

  13. I recorded the View the other day, but haven't watched it yet. So far I haven't had much of a desire, so who knows if I'll watch it or not. We'll just have to see.

    I think the note card idea is a lovely idea, but I know if I was asked to write a note a week I wouldn't do it at all - I was such a rebel! Now I write letters fairly frequently. I hope your grandkids do it - they will learn so much. not to mention I'm assuming that they will get a letter in return :)

    Kristin _ The Goat

  14. Oh I hope you all are doing better. I found your blog from over 40 follow and am your newest follower. Have a great Sunday.

  15. Thanks for following me via Friday Blog Hops! I'm your newest follower. Try and stop by and link up for my Meet Me Monday. It starts tonight at 10 pm. Hope to see you then.

  16. It sounds like Michael and Dominic are getting better. Good to hear. Sometimes healing takes time. Try to be patient with yourself and you will get back on schedule with the writing. I didn't get anything done this weekend and all that happened to me was I lost a fish. So we're taking a month before getting another one. I will knock on wood for you that everything continues to go well.

  17. Thanks for stopping by at my site I do appreciate it much. Happy Monday!

    Blueberry Lane

  18. Stopping by to say hi!!

    Hope you have a great week!

  19. Hi Doreen....I just read your made my heart skip a the most heartfelt touching way. I just can't imagine what you and your family have been through. You hear about these things, but not people you know. I am following you back, and so happy you came to my blog. Debbie

  20. Hi Doreen! Im so glad to hear Michael is doing better. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. Have a wonderful and blessed week.

  21. Hi! I'm a new follower! I hope you'll follow me back at Chubby Cheeks Thinks!

    Chubby Cheeks Thinks

  22. Hi, Doreen! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. That was my first participation in the Friday Follow thing and I was pleased at how many people took the time to say hello. I enjoyed my visit here a I'm off to check out your profile. Hope you'll stop by again!

  23. Hi, thanks for stopping by my page... I can't believe a 4 yr old knows how to send a text.. where the heck have I been? lol... You sound like u are definitely very busy and I am so sorry a loved one is in the hospital.. Hope he is doing better...

  24. Yes school is about to start...hard to believe

  25. I'm glad things seem to be going in a positive direction. That is definitely great news! I continue to think about you all and pray. I think your idea for your grandchildren is wonderful. I believe all the texting, emailing, etc. is definitely hindering our children from learning how to read and write as well as they should. It is very frustrating.

    Well, my friend, I hope you are having a good week.

    Take care of YOU!

    Teresa <><

  26. I'm so glad that Both of them are improving. The book bag idea is great!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to following along.

  27. So very glad to hear both these guys are improving, that is wonderful news. The book bag idea I agree is a great one.

  28. Thank you for finding me and the follow. I'm following you back :)

    Well that was quite an introduction to you, this post you did. Sounds like you have had a terrible time. It's good to read that both are on the path to recovery. And I know exactly how you feel about cleaning house, we have so much family landing her this month, I'm losing my mind trying to find room for everyone. Of course everyone picked august to visit and our home has 3 bedrooms and a clay basement. As long as they don't mind bunking up, I'm ready Lol!.

    Oh and I missed your President on the view but if you watch Regis and Kelly, they just left her last month after taping 4 shows. Quite exciting for our little Canadian town :)

    So nice to meet you!

  29. I only say a clip of the President on The View after the fact.

  30. Will continue praying for Michael. Love the idea of the notecards and agree - kids don't know how to write except in abbreviations! Great pictures of Dom, Michael & John (handsome man, btw).

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