They say every face in a crowd has a story to tell, this is my story..

The news shows and newspapers all called it 'Road Rage'. To me that sounded like a disease, an affliction that can make you kill. A sorry excuse to take the claw end of a hammer and slam it repeatedly into the skull of a human being. In April of 1999 my little brother passed away. Doesn't passed away sound so gentle, even normal? David's death was neither. It was murder. He was found lying in a strangers driveway in a pool of blood. He had been punched, stomped and beaten over his entire body. I still have so many questions. I wrote this book at first for therapy and then for answers. I have found a few. I mainly realized l lost a brother tragically and senselessly. Like every other face in the crowd I have a story..and I want to share my story with you! PUBLICATION DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED LATE SUMMER/EARLY FALL :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fragments

I cannot believe it is Friday again already!
I went back to work last week after being off for 6 month's because of injuries
from an auto accident. Everything went well and I am thrilled to be back to work.
I went yesterday for trigger point injections in my neck and would not suggest this for anyone as I am in agony today. Next Thursday they will do an epidural. If I'm not here next Friday you will know it is because I cannot type!
Today is my Mother-in-law's birthday. She passed away 2 years ago and I miss her.
I am really excited that my newest grand daughter (Payton Elizabeth) will be arriving very soon. My grand daughter Adriana will be a year old on the 29th of May, I cannot believe it has been a year. Adriana's older sister Allyson (the first) is 14. Shortly after my brother's murder 2 of my daughter's and my daughter in law where pregnant at the same time. I was happy and overwhelmed. I said to Allyson who was 6 at time "What have I done to be so lucky to be having all these babies"? Allyson thought for a minute and then said "Mom-Mom; Uncle David knows how much you love babies and he is just going to keep sending them to you from heaven so you won't be sad anymore" I believed her.
Happy Friday everyone and the link is down below just scroll on down!


  1. What a sweet remark from Allyson! I love how kids can be so encouraging sometimes!

  2. I'm intrigued by your story, though sorry you've had to live the painful part. Thank you for your willingness to share some of that pain and the happier memories that came before!

    Your Allyson sounds precious!

    Now following.

  3. Thank you ladies and I am truly blessed to have my wonderful grand babies. Allyson is still quite insightful and I do believe she is an old soul.

  4. Ahh - what a sweet insight... enjoy all those grandbabies...

  5. What a gift, your granddaughters. Grief can be so all-consuming. Thank God you had some bits of brightness to keep ease you from your pain.

    I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm sick this weekend and feeling like I've been run over by a train. (Darned sick students coming to school anyway!)

  6. Isn't Alyson sweet! I love her perspective! It sounds like, despite trials, you have built a wonderful life with your family.

    Sorry to hear about the pain in yout neck! I the pain goes away!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. That is sweet, Allyson's insight.

    Best of luck with your upcoming publication.

  8. Congratulations & PRAISE GOD for your granddaughter and nephew's baptism!!!! I LOVE hearing about the Lord furthering HIS kingdom.! Thanks so much for sharing. :) And thanks so much for stopping by...and for your sweet sentiments. They are a real encouragement. Have explored your blog....that's amazing that you're working on getting published with a book that sounds packed with emotion. If you get a moment, it'll only take a sec for I just briefly touched on it, but go to my post
    and you'll be introduced to my own memoir. BTW, am "following" you now! :) Look forward to sharing our journey's together!

  9. Thank you Cleo I will check it out! Thank you for the kind words, have a positive week and God Bless!!

  10. Congrats on going back to work! I hope it continues to go well.

  11. Young children always speak from the heart! How blessed to have so many angels around you. Congrats on going back to work :) x