They say every face in a crowd has a story to tell, this is my story..

The news shows and newspapers all called it 'Road Rage'. To me that sounded like a disease, an affliction that can make you kill. A sorry excuse to take the claw end of a hammer and slam it repeatedly into the skull of a human being. In April of 1999 my little brother passed away. Doesn't passed away sound so gentle, even normal? David's death was neither. It was murder. He was found lying in a strangers driveway in a pool of blood. He had been punched, stomped and beaten over his entire body. I still have so many questions. I wrote this book at first for therapy and then for answers. I have found a few. I mainly realized l lost a brother tragically and senselessly. Like every other face in the crowd I have a story..and I want to share my story with you! PUBLICATION DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED LATE SUMMER/EARLY FALL :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fragments....Finally!!

I have not had a good week!  My newest computer fried and I thought once again I had lost everything.  (My book revisions and my blog and of course all those photo's that need to be sent to snapfish).  My husband unhooked everything and left the house with the computer.  I pouted for awhile and than started to feel lazy so I took some laundry to the basement.  The floor was wet; uggh the water was up to my ankles.  I was upset.  I moved just about everything down there because we are redoing a few rooms in the house.  Some very sentimental items have been ruinedWe never have water in our basement and cannot figure out why it keeps happening.  We are calling a plumber on Monday.  Any way have I ever told you all how much I love my husband.  That man is a miracle to me.  He has been dealt with the worst blows a parent should ever have to deal with and he finds happiness in the tiniest little things.  I cannot help but smile when he looks at me.  He makes everything okay.  And on those days when he cannot find an itty bit of happiness I share mine with him.  We are very sappy; but seriously love one another :)
  LETS GO PHILLIE'S  On the menu for tomorrow nights game: junk food and lots of it.  Wings, beans, salads, nacho's and so much more!!
Did I mention my computer has been brought back from the dark screen?  Only $65.00.  But I need to re-load my word program and the stupid disc drawer will not open.  We called the person who fixed it and she said she noticed it.  DUH!  Why did you not tell us?  Now we have to unhook and take it back and WTH!!

Okay enough suspense...but a little business first...FRIDAY FRAGMENTS is the brainchild of a very kind person; Mrs. 4444.  You can find her and the link for FRIDAY FRAGMENTS 
And I have chosen Mrs. 4444 as one of the winners in my goal to 300 followers contest.  I felt like she read my posts and I appreciate her time.  
I have also chosen VH Sehy Photography. (and to answer her question..Dave was Joan's uncle.  They were only 2 years apart and were extremely close.  Joan has a keen psychic ability as do I and it scares both of us.  You can find her and her beautiful photo's here:
I have also chosen Coby because she makes me smile; you can find a reason to smile and some joy here:
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I am also hooking up with the very lovely Java at never growing old.  This blog is very over 40 friendly.  You can find many friends here at the Friday Follow: 


Our travel plans to a secret location have been made;  I am bursting with excitement;  The launch party is close to being finalized and I cannot wait to share all the details with you :) :) :)


My favorite quote's this week : 
Forgiving someone takes their power over you back.  It's also entertaining to watch them continue to attempt to control you with what is no longer theirs. 
And: Violence is never the answer unless the question is "what is never the answer"  Cleveland

This weekend I will be having a movie date with my husband and watching some Phillie's (please let them win) and some Eagles and some Flyers's and I really hope I find some time to take out some winter is freezing here in Philly!
Have a positive weekend!! 


  1. so glad your computer is back from the abyss... so sorry about the flood! Hope things go better this week!

  2. Sounds like a rough sorry about your computer and your basement! Ugh! But sounds like your awesome husband makes up for it! ;-) Why do awesome husbands have a way of making everything okay? Hubby once told me, "I don't have a magic wand to make everything better." Oh, but you DO, Hubby!

    Thanks for choosing me as one of the winners! ;-)

  3. Water damage is so hard. A friend told me about water alarms after my second basement flood. You can buy them at hardware stores. Some things if they are still damp can be put in the freezer and after a week or so will be dry (books sometimes will survive if you do this)

    I just read and thought of you and your book.

  4. Ohhh, no, not your basement! Good luck finding the cause and the cure! Have a wonderful surprise trip, too. That sounds like a treat!

  5. I will be parked in front of the TV throughout the playoffs and world series. Do not call me, do not look for me, do not talk to me. Got that? LOL

  6. I love that Cleveland quote, I used it for a post before.

    I'm sorry to hear about your struggles this week, but I'm glad that you didn't lose everything on your computer.

  7. Thank you so much Doreen. I hope I'm not too late to respond. I've been crazy busy lately and have fallen behind in my blog reading. Sigh.

    Sorry to hear about the water in your basement. I had that happen a long time ago. We had a sprinkler bust by the window well and it leaked down into our basement leaving behind about 6" of water by the time we got home from work. I ended up sorting through scrapbooks and throwing out lots of stuff that was very sentimental. Just about breaks your heart.

  8. Sorry about the water and the computer...days like that are testing at the very least! I'm a new follower from Over 40!

  9.'re so sweet. It takes me a while, but I do get around to visiting eventually! What did I win?!

    I had all of my things stored in someone's basement when a pipe broke and rained water down on my stuff all night before anyone noticed. For what it's worth (that was 20 years ago), I don't even remember anymore what I lost. Um...except for my high school yearbooks.

    I am so glad you got your stuff back! What a blessing that husband of yours is :) I'm happy for you!